With our SAP solutions, banks can deliver customer-centric, comprehensive banking with a real-time, 360-degree view to streamline and automate core banking operations and integrate finance, risk, and compliance processes. The solutions can help banks restore investor and customer trust, enable growth and digital banking, take out cost and complexity, and drive profitable sales of innovative products and asset classes. +19% Customer Satisfaction - When contact centers have formal processes for closing the loop with customers. +5.2% Sales Achievement - When sales management has a full view into opportunity history, milestones and decision makers

SAP in Commercial Banking


With SAP solutions, insurance companies can simplify claims management, streamline policy administration, and achieve financial excellence. They can drive growth through accelerating time to market, improving transparency and decision making, and reducing cost and complexity. Solutions from SAP for sales and marketing make the insurance sales force more successful by improving the overall customer experience. +15% Quota Achievement - For agents in firms where customer data is available in real time. -44% Audit Costs -In firms that streamline financial compliance processes.

SAP in Insurance