Enterprise SecurityDummy

IT assets within organisations are subject to numerous security threats, which include access to sensitive data such as employee records, intellectual property, financial information and attacks on websites.

A comprehensive Information Security plan encompasses people, processes and IT systems. It goes beyond anti-virus software, firewalls and locking down hardware and involves strategic as well as operational considerations. Different security initiatives should be prioritised and integrated to ensure overall effectiveness of IT security.

SGIT is able to offer a comprehensive IT Security assessment and risk mitigation plan that can protect organisations in this high-threat environment. We use ISO 27001, an auditable international standard that defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System.

An IT Security solution from SGIT will:

  • - Systematically examine an organisation's IT risks, taking into account the threats, vulnerabilities and impacts
  • - Design a comprehensive set of IT controls and mitigation plans
  • - Adopt a management process to ensure that the IT Security controls evolve to meet the organisation's IT Security needs on an ongoing basis.