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SGIT leverages a core set of methodologies and tools designed to deliver rapid, reliable results, and to help our customers get the most from their solutions. These include the ASAP Methodology framework and the SAP Solution Manager Application management suite.

ASAP methodology framework v8 delivers structured methodology content — processes, procedures, accelerators, checklists, links to standard SAP documentation, etc. necessary for the implementation of SAP solutions.

This harmonized structure enables both project leaders and project teams to focus on information that is highly relevant for their role. ASAP methodology framework v8 contains comprehensive description of deliverables and associated tasks, thus connecting the project management view with subject matter expert needs.

The ASAP AGILE Delivery Approach :
  • Ensures the most predictable and Fastest time to business value
  • Delivers the integration the business requires
  • Demands to start and grow without compromises
  • Innovates faster than competitors and leverages the full potential of the Game changers in your business.